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MSRV.CA Technical Services

Welcome to MSRV.CA Technical Services,

I offer a variety of technical services for folks on a budget. Whether it's helping you resolve that annoying PC headache, to helping you setup a small office network, or maybe just getting your small business's website online without the high price tag some designers/web devs charge. Please note, I don't design/code sites. But, I can help you get one up with a web app, and premade template of your choosing.

Services Offered

*PC Clean Up/Tune Up service consists of basic PC maintenance tasks, such as cleaning up temporary files, scanning for system deficiencies, scanning for and removing  malware/spyware, scanning for large files, etc. using common third-party software available to most users at little to no cost online.
**Please note that specialized installation tasks requiring the running of wires through (inside) walls, ceilings, in high areas, etc. are not offered. Please contact a professional cable running/electrical contracting service if you require a specialized installation. I am not certified, nor equipped for these tasks.
***Hardware/Software must be supplied client. Service offer subject to limitation, or refusal pending scope of tasks/knowledge/tools/material required.
****Training offered will vary by application and knowledge on the subject. Please note that I am not an expert by any means on all subjects, but possess enough working knowledge on certain topics to train users for day-to-day tasks.

Service Area(s)

Please consult map for service boundaries.

*Trip charge for destinations exceeding a distance of 10km from my home location in Gatineau, QC.
**Immediate surroundings as defined by a radius of 50km from my home location in Gatineau, QC.
***Additional charge for meals/accommodations will be billed to client (with prior client authorization).